Current Clients

  • Xycrobe Therapeutics
  • Nucleus Biologics
  • IMS Expert Services (Legal Referal)
  • Cade & Company

strain Improvement

We have improved Clostridia, Actinomycetes, Bacilli, Yeasts and E. coli to reduce cost and increase output.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts can help with business and scientific market analysis, financing and strategies.

IP & Technical advice

We have provided technical and IP advice to legal firms and VC/Investment firms.

scientific Perspective on business development

Our consultants have a broad spectrum of experience in biotech and pharma.


We have helped clients maximize existing lab space and assisted in the move for several labs. 

High throughput screening

We have deep experience automating microtiter plate and liquid handling based screens and designing informative assays.

We deliver on projects