Food Technology/Precision Fermentation

  • Delivered engineered strains and bioprocesses for production of human breast milk glycoproteins​.
  • Fundraising: secured $4MM in an oversubscribed seed round and $20MM in Series A financing.
  • Established a platform to produce palm oil in oleaginous yeast.

We deliver successful projects


  • Engineered strains for improved cellulose degradation, glycolytic flux, productivity and titer​.
  • Delivered new P&I and process flow diagrams including new unit ops to improve substrate utilization and mitigate contamination.


Medical Device (IVD) Development

  • Led the development of a rapid (<10 minute) mulitplex real-time PCR diagnostic device, instrument and assay, from concept to 510k readiness including all DHF documentations (FMEAs, PRA, URRA, PRD, MRD, etc.)
  •  Led the Verification for device and consumable.
  • Delivered novel DNA/RNA collection, extraction and preservation techniques.
  • Authored a patent on a novel cell-lysis product for gram+ and fungal pathogens.

Microbiome Therapeutics

  • Designed a cGMP-compliant cleanroom facility for manufacture of skin probiotics.
  • Scaled fermentation from bench to 5L and 50L.

Industrial Biotechnology

  • Methane/Natural Gas bioconversion
  • Achieved KPIs for 2,3-BDO scale-up nearly 6 months ahead of schedule.
  • Launched a robust, internal Multi-omics core facility.
  • Managed an international protein engineering and high throughput screening project with ILH.
  • Delivered enzymes with improved substrate specificity.
  • Biodegradable plastics.

AgTech/Crop Protection

  • Delivered 10% improved strain/process for Spinosad using an improved high throughput screening platform.
  • Delivered 20% improved strain for Spinetoram using a novel genetic engineering approach.
  • Achieved approval for Inatreq® precursor (UK-2A). Performed risk reviews, improved strains and processes.
  • Commissioned and Qualified two ISO-6/7 cleanrooms.
  • Received approval for development of a novel “green” biosurfactant (soap).